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Improving information security management: An analysis of ID–password usage and a new login vulnerability measureThe impact of trust and changes in trust: A national comparison of individual adoptions of information and communication technologies and related phenomenon
Locking the virtual filing cabinet: A researcher’s guide to Internet data security
Impact of knowledge incentive mechanisms on individual knowledge creation behavior—An empirical study for Taiwanese R&D professionals
Exploring the impact of communication effectiveness on service quality, trust and relationship commitment in IT services
Knowledge management in client–vendor partnerships
E-government and citizen’s engagement with local affairs through e-websites: The case of Spanish municipalities
Product architecture, organizational capabilities and IT integration for competitive advantage
Improving information security management: An analysis of ID–password usage and a new login vulnerability measure
The impact of trust and changes in trust: A national comparison of individual adoptions of information and communication technologies and related phenomenon
Locking the virtual filing cabinet: A researcher’s guide to Internet data security
Knowledge management in client–vendor partnerships
Exploring the impact of communication effectiveness on service quality, trust and relationship commitment in IT services
E-government and citizen’s engagement with local affairs through e-websites: The case of Spanish municipalities
Product architecture, organizational capabilities and IT integration for competitive advantage
Using multiplicative neuron model to establish fuzzy logic relationships
Fuzzy diffusion filter with extended neighborhood
Fuzzy time series forecasting with a novel hybrid approach combining fuzzy c-means and neural networks
A novel nonlinear programming approach for estimating CAPM beta of an asset using fuzzy regression
Development of a framework for customer co-creation in NPD through multi-issue negotiation with issue trade-offs
A novel approach for assessment of candidate technologies with respect to their innovation potentials: Quick innovation intelligence process
Solving fuzzy multiple objective generalized assignment problems directly via bees algorithm and fuzzy ranking
Integrating fuzzy DEMATEL and fuzzy hierarchical TOPSIS methods for truck selection
A fuzzy rule based expert system for stock evaluation and portfolio construction: An application to Istanbul Stock Exchange
Enhanced fuzzy clustering algorithm and cluster validity index for human perception
An application of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system for estimating the uniaxial compressive strength of certain granitic rocks from their mineral contents
Fuzzy DIFACONN-miner: A novel approach for fuzzy rule extraction from neural networks
A fuzzy solution approach for multi objective supplier selection
An algorithm for the solution of second order fuzzy initial value problems
Ergodic distribution for a fuzzy inventory model of type (s, S) with gamma distributed demand
New developments in uncertainty assessment and uncertainty management
The role of seed money and threshold size in optimizing fundraising campaigns: Past behavior matters!
Using agents to parallelize a medical reasoning system based on ontologies and description logics as an application case
A diagnosis framework for identifying the current knowledge sharing activity status in a community of practice
An efficient genetic algorithm for solving the quay crane scheduling problem
Hybridizing VNS and path-relinking on a particle swarm framework to minimize total flowtime
Evaluating the integration of fuzzy logic into the student model of a web-based learning environment
An empirical knowledge management framework for professional virtual community in knowledge-intensive service industries
Genetic optimization of a vehicle fuzzy decision system for intersections
Data mining using clinical physiology at discharge to predict ICU readmissions
An adaptive approach to mining frequent itemsets efficiently
A group trust metric for identifying people of trust in online social networks
A genetic search of patterns of behaviour in OSS communities
Data and knowledge visualization with virtual reality spaces, neural networks and rough sets: Application to cancer and geophysical prospecting data
Vehicle routing problem with time windows considering overtime and outsourcing vehicles
Decision support system for water distribution systems based on neural networks and graphs theory for leakage detection
Palm vein recognition using adaptive Gabor filter
Identification of trends from patents using self-organizing maps
Forecasting nonnegative option price distributions using Bayesian kernel methods
GRADIENT: Grammar-driven genetic programming framework for building multi-component, hierarchical predictive systems
On the use of data filtering techniques for credit risk prediction with instance-based models
The role of intelligent agents and data mining in electronic partnership management
Reliability analysis of the complex mode indicator function and Hilbert Transform techniques for operational modal analysis
Adaptive neuro fuzzy controller for adaptive compliant robotic gripper
Robustness for a single railway line: Analytical and simulation methods
Sequential manifold learning for efficient churn prediction
Unsupervised and supervised learning to evaluate event relatedness based on content mining from social-media streams
Decision support method for the design of embedded energy in autonomous microsystems
Modelling group processes and effort estimation in project management using the Choquet integral: An MCDM approach
Multimodal behavioral analysis for non-invasive stress detection
Variable Neighborhood Search heuristic for the Inventory Routing Problem in fuel delivery
Local Models for data-driven learning of control policies for complex system
Non-dominance and attitudinal prioritisation methods for intuitionistic and interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations
Automatic categorisation of comments in social news websites
Machine learning for vessel trajectories using compression, alignments and domain knowledge
A differential evolution approach for solving constrained min–max optimization problems
On the empirical mode decomposition applied to the analysis of brain SPECT image
Improved multilevel security with latent semantic indexing
Using genetic algorithm based knowledge refinement model for dividend policy forecasting
Using Wikipedia concepts and frequency in language to extract key terms from support documents
A network intrusion detection system based on a Hidden Naïve Bayes multiclass classifier
Building a targeted mobile advertising system for location-based services
A diffusion mechanism for social advertising over microblogs
Governance practices and software maintenance: A study of open source projects
Conceptual modeling for simulation-based serious gaming
The integration of value-based adoption and expectation–confirmation models: An example of IPTV continuance intention
Improving financial data quality using ontologies
Vehicle defect discovery from social media
Simultaneous multi-level RFID tag ownership & transfer in health care environments
Parallel teams for knowledge creation: Role of collaboration and incentives
Three decades of research on consumer adoption and utilization of electronic banking channels: A literature analysis
A pragmatic stochastic decision model for supporting goods trans-shipments in a supply chain environment
Competitive implications of software open-sourcing
Effect of a participatory approach on the successful development of agricultural decision support systems: The case of Pigs2win
Performance evaluation of production of IT capital goods across OECD countries: A stochastic frontier approach to Malmquist index
A comparison of the usability of performing ad hoc querying on dimensionally modeled data versus operationally modeled data
Impact of consumer empowerment on online trust: An examination across genders
A hybrid MCDM methodology for ERP selection problem with interacting criteria
A decision support system for patient scheduling in travel vaccine administration
The dynamic nature of trust transfer: Measurement and the influence of reciprocity
Optimal strategy for an integrated inventory system involving variable production and defective items under retailer partial trade credit policy
Measuring the perceived effectiveness of decision support systems and their impact on performance
Unified Modeling Language (UML) IT adoption — A holistic model of organizational capabilities perspective
Impact of psychological traits on user performance in information systems delivering customer service: IS management perspective
The role of centrality in ambulance dispatching
A decision support method, based on bounded rationality concepts, to reveal feature saliency in clustering problems
Forecasting and trading the EUR/USD exchange rate with stochastic Neural Network combination and time-varying leverage
Deriving knowledge representation guidelines by analyzing knowledge engineer behavior
Undesirable factors in integer-valued DEA: Evaluating the operational efficiencies of city bus systems considering safety records
A brain information-aided intelligent investment system
Visual support for work assignment in process-aware information systems: Framework formalisation and implementation
Decision support for online group negotiation: Design, implementation, and efficacy
Dominance-based rough set approach for groups in multicriteria classification problems
Reference price effect and its implications for decision making in online auctions: An empirical study
Optimal product positioning with consideration of negative utility effect on consumer choice rule
Constructing a reliable Web graph with information on browsing behavior
An event-driven optimization framework for dynamic vehicle routing
A Value Sensitive Design Investigation of Privacy Enhancing Tools in Web Browsers
Data quality: Setting organizational policies
Direct marketing decision support through predictive customer response modeling
A spreadsheet life cycle analysis and the impact of Sarbanes–Oxley
The impact of electronic word-of-mouth communication: A literature analysis and integrative model
Double moral hazard in a supply chain with consumer learning
Theories in online information privacy research: A critical review and an integrated framework
User-centered visual analysis using a hybrid reasoning architecture for intensive care units
IT as enabler of sustainable farming: An empirical analysis of farmers’ adoption decision of precision agriculture technology
Impact of meta-analytic decisions on the conclusions drawn on the business value of information technology
PROBE—A multicriteria decision support system for portfolio robustness evaluation
Rescheduling of elective patients upon the arrival of emergency patients
Combining social network and semantic concept analysis for personalized academic researcher recommendation
Assessing the perception of information components in financial decision support systems
Design and evaluation of Ubiquitous Information Systems and use in healthcare
An adaptive learning to rank algorithm: Learning automata approach
Sales forecasting for computer wholesalers: A comparison of multivariate adaptive regression splines and artificial neural networks
Multi actor multi criteria analysis (MAMCA) as a tool to support sustainable decisions: State of use
A SEM–neural network approach for understanding determinants of interorganizational system standard adoption and performances
Effects of conflicting aggregated rating on eWOM review credibility and diagnosticity: The moderating role of review valence
Leader personal influences on membership decisions in moderated online social networking groups
A semantic-based approach for searching and browsing tag spaces
Negative price premium effect in online market—The impact of competition and buyer informativeness on the pricing strategies of sellers with different reputation levels
A demand-responsive decision support system for coal transportation
Mutual information based input feature selection for classification problems
Service design of consumer data intermediary for competitive individual targeting
Help that is not recognized: Harmful neglect of decision support system
Towards business intelligence systems success: Effects of maturity and culture on analytical decision making
The effect of CRM use on internal sales management control: An alternative mechanism to realize CRM benefits
Use of RSS feeds to push online content to users
The effect of social capital on community loyalty in a virtual community: Test of a tripartite-process model
A decision support system of vehicle routing and refueling for motor carriers with time-sensitive demands
The impact of online community position on online game continuance intention: Do game knowledge and community size matter?
Digital divide across the European Union
A framework for transformation from conceptual to logical workflow models
A trust-semantic fusion-based recommendation approach for e-business applications
Search advertising placement strategy: Exploring the efficacy of the conventional wisdom
A meta-analysis of the consequences of virtualness on team functioning
Career anchors and disturbances in job turnover decisions – A case study of IT professionals in Taiwan
Understanding use continuance in virtual worlds: Empirical test of a research model
The effects of multilevel sanctions on information security violations: A mediating model
The influence of online store beliefs on consumer online impulse buying: A model and empirical application
How organizations motivate users to participate in support upgrades of customized packaged software
Assessing the impact of recommender agents on on-line consumer unplanned purchase behavior
Analysis of keyword networks in MIS research and implications for predicting knowledge evolution
A feedback control approach to maintain consumer information load in online shopping environments
Organizational information systems competences in small and medium-sized enterprises
Exploring the influence of personal schema on trust transfer and switching costs in brick-and-click bookstores

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-General perspectives on knowledge management: Fostering a research agenda(2011)
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-Information management as an enabler of knowledge management maturity: A South African perspective(2010)
-Knowledge management perspective on e-learning effectiveness(2009)
-Linking improved knowledge management to operational and organizational performance(2009)
-Strategic human resource practices and innovation performance — The mediating role of knowledge management capacity(2009)
-The research on the critical success factors of knowledge management and classification framework project in the Executive Yuan of Taiwan Government(2009)
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-Selecting knowledge management strategies by using the analytic network process. Expert Systems with Applications(2007)
-The effects of information technology on knowledge management systems(2008)



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