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  1. Sap Sales and Distribution (SD)
  2. Sap Production Planning (PP)
  3. Sap Quality Management (QM)
  4. Sap Warehouse Management (WM)
  5. Sap Plant Maintenance (PM)
  6. Sap Project System (PS)
  7. Sap Human Resources (HR)
  8. Sap Financial Accounting (FI)
  9. Sap Treasury and Cash Management (TR)

Sap sales and distribution (sd), free sap production planning (pp), free sap quality management (qm), free sap warehouse management (wm), free sap plant maintenance (pm), free sap project system (ps), free sap human resources (hr), free sap financial accounting (fi) and free sap treasury and cash management (tr) certifications.

Sap Sales and Distribution (SD)

Sap SD (Sales and Distribution) helps to optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing. Key elements are: pre-sales support, inquiry processing, quotation processing, sales order processing, delivery processing, billing and sales information system.

Here are some sap sd free ebooks download links

Sales (SD-SLS)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Sales and Distribution
Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios
Sales and Operations Planning (LO-LS-PLN)
Sales Employee (PA-PA)
Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling (CAS)
Reports and Analyses (SD)
Pricing and Conditions

Sap Production Planning (PP)

Sap PP (Production Planning) is used to plan and control the manufacturing activities of a company. This module includes; bills of material, routings, work centers, sales and operations planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, shop floor control, production orders, product costing, etc.

Here are some sap pp free ebooks download

PP Bills of Material Guide
PP - Capacity Planning
PP PDC Interface
PP - PI-PCS Interface: Linking of Process Control
PP - Production Orders
PP - Work Centers
Product Catalog and Online Store on the Internet
Product Cost Controlling Information System
Product Cost Planning
Production lot planning / individual project planning
Production Planning and Control (PP)
Production Planning and Control (PP)
Production Planning & Control Workflow Scenarios
Production Resources/Tools (PRT)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Product Safety (EHS-SAF)
Product Structure Browser
Capacity Evaluation (PP-CRP-ALY)
Capacity Leveling (PP-CRP-LVL)
Capacity Leveling in PP-SOP and LO-LIS-PLN
Capacity Planning in Long-term Planning
Capacity Planning in MPS and MRP
Capacity Planning in Process Industries
Capacity Planning in Repetitive Manufacturing
Capacity Planning in Sales and Distribution
Capacity Planning in Shop Floor Control (PP-SFC)
Capacity Planning in the Project System
Material Requirements Planning
Capacity Planning in Shop Floor Control

Sap Quality Management (QM)

SAP QM (Quality Management) is a quality control and information system supporting quality planning, inspection, and control for manufacturing and procurement.

Here are some sap qm free ebooks download

Quality Certificates
Quality Management
Quality Management (QM)
Quality Management (QM)
Quality Notifications
Quality-Related Costs (QM-IM-IC)
Question & Answer Database
QM in Procurement (QM-PT-RP-PR)
QM in Production
QM in Sales and Distribution (QM-PT-RP-SD)
QM/PM Partner Roles
QM - Quality Management: Data Transfer
QM - Quality Management: Workflow Scenarios

Sap Warehouse Management (WM)

SAP WM (Warehouse Management) subdivides the "Storage Location", which is used in the MM Module to define inventory values by location, into "Storage Types" and then into "Storage Bins". Control of stock to a physical level down to a warehouse bin. Placement and removal rules can be configured, stock counts can be done.

Here are some Sap wm free ebooks download

Decentralized Warehouse Management (LE-IDW)
SAP Open Information Warehouse
Warehouse Management Guide

Sap Plant Maintenance (PM)

Sap PM (Plant Maintenance) is equipment servicing and rebuilding. These tasks affect the production plans.

Here are some Sap pm free ebooks download

Plant Maintenance
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (PM/CS)
PM/CS - Data Transfer in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service
PM/CS - Plant Maintenance & Customer Service: Workflow Scenarios
QM/PM Partner Roles

Sap Project System (PS)

Sap PS (Project System) designed to support the planning, control and monitoring of long-term, highly complex projects with defined goals.

Here are some Sap ps free ebooks download

Decentralized Warehouse Management (LE-IDW)
SAP Open Information Warehouse
Warehouse Management Guide

Sap Human Resources (HR)

Sap HR (Human resources) is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities and HR module is sometimes equivalently referred to as HCM (Human Capital Management).

Here are some Sap hr free ebooks download

Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources (HR)
HR Form Editor (PY-XX-TL)
HR Forms Workplace (PY-XX-FO)
HR Funds and Position Management (PA-PM)
HR Infotypes
HR Tools (PY-XX-TL)
Master Data Distribution (Human Resources)
Wage and Salary Payments
Wage Type Distribution
Wage Type Reporter (H99CWTR0)
Wage Type Statement Wage Types
Reporting in Human Resource Management
Report Programming in HR
Training and Event Management
Payroll Account

Sap Financial Accounting (FI)

Sap FI (Financial Accounting) is designed for automated management and external reporting of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other sub-ledger accounts with a user defined chart of accounts.

Here are some sap fi free ebooks download

FI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Financial Accounting (FI)
Financial Accounting - General Topics
FI Financial Accounting: Data Transfer Workbench
Financial Information System (FI)
FI/SD - Credit Management/Risk Management
FI - Special Purpose Ledger
Flexible General Ledger (FI-GL)
Forecasting (LO-PR)
Foreign Exchange
Foreign Trade / Customs (SD-FT) Funds Management
Payment Card Processing
Payment Program for Payment Requests (FI-BL)
Payment Release Pension Fund CH: Reference Guide
Pension Fund CH: Technical User Handbook
Pension Fund CH: User Hand Book
Transfer of Legacy Assets to the R/3 System Consolidation (EC-CS)
Consolidation (FI-LC)
Preparations for Consolidation (FI)
HR Funds and Position Management (PA-PM)
Funds Management
Flexible General Ledger (FI-GL)
General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)
Travel Management (FI-TV)
General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)

Sap Treasury and Cash Management (TR)

Here are some sap tr free ebooks download

TR - Cash Budget Management
Treasury (TR)
Treasury (TR)
Treasury - Changeover to the Euro
Treasury Workstation
TR - Treasury: Workflow Scenarios


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