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CivCity Rome v1.1 - Readme File

Section 1 - System Requirements
Section 2 - Before You Start
Section 3 - Difficulty Settings
Section 4 - Frequently Asked Questions
Section 5 - CivCity Rome v1.1 New Features
Section 6 - CivCity Rome v1.1 Bug Fixes
Section 1 – System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System.                Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU                                         1.6 Ghz
Memory                                  512 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space                  2.5 Gb
Video                                       64 Megabyte (GeForce3/Radeon 8500 upwards)
Soundcard                              DirectX 7 compatible
DirectX:                                   9.0c

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System.                Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU                                         2.0 Ghz
Memory                                  512 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space                  2.5 Gb
Video                                       128 Megabyte w/ DirectX 8 support
Soundcard                              DirectX 7 compatible
DirectX:                                   9.0c

Section 2 – Before You Start

Before you run CivCity Rome, close all other programs. Ensure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed on your machine, this is essential for the best performance and reliability. We recommend using the latest Microsoft approved WHQL driver or the latest driver posted on the manufacturer’s website. We have listed a few graphics card manufacturers’ websites below where you can download the latest drivers:

ATI                                            http://support.ati.com

NVIDIA                                    http://www.nvidia.com/drivers

INTEL (Intel Extreme)            http://www.intel.com/support/graphics

To run CivCity Rome, Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher must be installed on your computer. If you have an older version of DirectX installed on your system, the CivCity Rome installation will silently install DirectX 9.0c. If you are having problems installing DirectX, you can download it from the Microsoft website at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx

If you are playing CivCity Rome on Windows 2000, please ensure you have at least Service Pack 2 installed. The latest Windows 2000 service pack can be downloaded from the Microsoft website at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads

We also recommend using Windows Update http://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/ to ensure your version of Windows is fully up-to-date. However we do recommend downloading your graphics card driver updates separately.

For the best possible sound quality please also ensure you have the latest sound card drivers installed.

Please note that the Map Editor included with CivCity Rome is work-in-progress, and is supplied as is, for use at your own risk. No technical support is provided for the Map Editor.

Section 3 - Difficulty Settings

CivCity Rome contains three levels of difficultly. We recommend playing on medium, unless you are new to this type of game or struggle with medium, in which case try the easy setting.
Hard is a real challenge, for expert city builders and people who have finished the CivCity Rome on medium and want more challenges.

Note: City fires and rioting only occur in the hard setting and not in easy or medium.

Section 4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Playing the game I’m not seeing fires or riots?
A. Fires and riots only occur on hard difficulty setting, apart from mission based ‘bush fires’ which occur on all difficulty settings.

Q. Shacks and Cistern access?
A. The shack has no way to access running water from a cistern and must always be supplied with water from a well.

Q. Why can’t I place an Aqueduct?
A. The first Aqueduct tower needs to be placed in fresh water (i.e. in a river and not the sea).

Q. Why aren’t my fishermen fishing?
A. There are no fish nearby or a fishing boat has not yet been supplied to the fishermen by the small boatyard.

Q. I’m having problems trading.
A. Ensure you have established a trade route on the empire map.

Q. Why can’t I build a wonder?
A. Wonders require research before they can be built. Once the research is complete, you will need great amounts of stone before production can begin.

Q. The buildings in my game look strange or are very dark. (See section 1)
A. Download the latest graphics card driver for your video card.

Q. How do I rotate buildings?
A. Spin the mouse wheel or use R and T.

Q. Can I change the colour of my gardens?
A. Yes, spin the mouse wheel to see various colours.

Q. How can I recover once my Denarii has reached 0?
A. You may receive a loan from the senate if your money runs out but it is only in certain missions this is allowed, if you run out of loans you have failed the mission. To ensure you do not run out of money, decrease wages or increase the quality of your housing to receive more tax income.

Q. My small Insulae is not upgrading, I have placed a Grammaticus?
A. The family first needs a child to study at the Grammaticus. This is out of your control, be patient, nature will soon take its course!

Q. My game is running slowly how can I speed up the game?
A. Before running the game change the CivCity Rome graphics configuration setting to low or check that your game speed is not set to low.

Q. Why are my citizens not collecting commodities when I have placed the appropriate building?
A. This is due to required buildings being placed outside the citizen’s collectable green zone.

Q. Why when I have placed a Cistern is my house not getting piped water?
A. The Cistern has a range on it which you can view by clicking on it or if you research lead working to have city wide coverage.

Q. Why aren’t some of my shops and workshops working?
A. Some shops and workshops have a range on where they will collect goods from. (Click on them to see the circle radius)

Q. How exactly do fire watch/guard towers work to prevent riots and fires?
A. Most buildings have a fire risk meter when you place them, over time the risk of fire will increase. Fire watch towers will keep an eye on buildings within there patrol area, if a building is in range of a fire watch their fire risk will slowly decrease. This is also the way the watchtowers work, though they only need to guard over housing, a shack has the highest risk of a riot starting and even if it is in range of a watchtower, it will still increase(just not as fast). The higher the level of housing, the lower the risk; once a house is upgraded to a small hut and they are in range of a watch tower their risk will decrease.

Q. Why don’t workers go to some of the buildings I build?
A. The way may be blocked for the worker to reach (eg a river, hills). You may not have any spare immigrants to take up the position. If you place many jobs at the same time other positions may need to be filled first.

Q. Why do some people neglect to upgrade their housing even though the houses around theirs are upgraded?
A. The house might not be in range of all the commodities it needs. The occupier of the house might work very far away and might not get enough time to collect all the goods required. Try moving his house closer to his work.

Q. What is a good way to lay out your city? Should you make residential areas and industrial areas separate or mix them together?
A. Have a residential and industrial areas separate can work very well as long as the two areas are not far apart from each other and they do not grow too large in size. One thing to look out for if using this method is that all the shops are in range of there particular farm/warehouse, and that the houses are in range of the shops.

Q. Why don’t people ever go into the temples that I build?
A. Citizens houses may not require that ‘need’ yet, or the house is not in range of the temple.

Q. How do I improve the access to religion rating?
A. Your religion rating can be increased by building more temples! It is a good idea to build two temples to each god, also researching Ceremonial Burial and divination will increase this rating.

Q. Is it okay to have unhoused workers? If so when do I know to build more houses?
A. It is okay to have some unhoused workers, if you have more than half of you population housed, then you will receive a boast to your city happiness if you have less then half you will receive a drop in happiness. Running is with no houses at all is actually possible, but generally a very bad idea.

Q. I built a Large/Small Boatyard but it is not creating a boat.
A. The boatyards require lumber before they will build a boat.

Q. I have built a fort but it is not producing any soldiers.
A. You must build an armourer or a javelin maker before troops can be created and your legion will increase in size.

Q. I have built a fort but when the enemy attacks, my soldiers do nothing.
A. You must manually command your troops in order to defend your city.

Q. How do I access the different types of trees/bushes/gardens in the beautification menu?
A. When you have the beautification tool of your choice selected rotate the mouse wheel to view the available objects.

Q. How do I improve my citizens’ levels of satisfaction with unemployment?
A. When total happiness drops below a certain negative point, the population indicator will turn red and citizens will start to leave your city, starting with unemployed vagrants. This is a very crude way to deal with unemployment, alternatively, you can provide more jobs!. A good city builder will not overheat the economy by providing too many jobs without the required infrastructure, nor will they under build and allow the economy to stagnate.

Q. Why can’t I place a Large/Small Boathouse or Trading Market/Fishing Jetty?
A. These structures need to be placed on the waterfront. Make sure the structure is rotated so that the road position is placed on land.

Q. What is the purpose of wives, children, and slaves?
A. A very philosophical question. In the case of CivCity Rome however they are extra pairs of hands to help fulfil the ever-growing demands of the house!

Q. Why do my legions not defend the city from rioters and wild animals?
A. Troops are used exclusively to fight foreign armies. Use the town watch to stop riots and wild animal attacks.

Q. How do you build a Dilapidated Insula?
A. You cannot build Dilapidated Insula, but your Small Insula will become dilapidated if it’s needs are not fulfilled.

Q. When I set rations to above average I sometimes do not receive the full happiness bonus for it.
A. If your granaries cannot support the ration level you have specified, the game will automatically decrease it to the next available ration level.

Q. Why has my warehouse stopped sending goods to the other warehouse after I directed it to?
A. This is because either the destination warehouse is full or there are not enough goods in the local warehouse to send.

Q. Can I turn off the Advisor speech?
A. Yes, if you go to the settings menu then uncheck the advisor speech box this will disable him.

Q. How do I dispatch trade ships?
A. The first thing you need to ensure is that you have setup a sea trade route in the empire map. You have created a boat from the large boatyard and you have a trade dock created. The goods are taken from the warehouse or granary by the trade dock workers and loaded into crates. As long as your have a boat made the goods will be loaded into the boat and it will set sail.

Q. Why do you need to build roads?
A. Roads increase the speed at which a citizen travels. Building and using roads also improves your civilization rating.

Q. What is a civilization rating? How do I improve it?
A. The Civilization rating measures your cities achievements at any given time. You may improve your civilization rating by placing temples, entertainment, keeping streets clean, and many other ways. You can check out which ways to improve your score by looking at the civilization menu. From there you will see the different component parts of your civilization rating. Clicking on each one displays bar graphs which display current achievement for each.

Q. What is the ruler and column for in the civilization menu? what does the number mean?
A. The ruler measures your cities civilisation rating against the bar set by Rome for the size of your current city (its population). When more people are in the city there is a higher expectation of achievement. so more is needed to keep them happy. The number on the ruler shows the happiness effect of your current civilisation rating. Happiness can be affected both positively( up to a +5) and negatively(Down to a -5).

Q. Why do I need a street cleaner?
A. As citizen walk around they will dirty up the streets in some areas. Dirty streets can have a negative effect on civilization rating. Use street cleaners to fix this.

Q. Why doesn't my security bar fill up?
A. The security bar only starts to fill up during riots or attack by enemies. An empty security bar gives the full amount of points for civilization rating.

Q. How do I get soldiers in my fort?
A. All forts start out with three cohorts each of which has a centurion. To receive additionalsoldiers you need to build spears or swords. As more weapons are delivered to a warehouse more soldiers will enter the fort.

Q. Why are certain farms unavailable in later missions?
A. Various commodities may need to be obtained through trade from other cities when unavailable in you city.

Q. Why don’t my animals fight in the arena?
A. Please refer to the tables at the back of the manual to check which arenas can host animal fights.

Q. I have a new computer can I keep my CivCity Rome settings?
A. Yes, the settings are kept in : ‘C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\CivCity Rome’ copy the CivCityRome folder and add this to your machine and your campaign, saves and maps will be restored.

Q. I have 256mb in my machine and I’m having problems.
A. Only 512mb and above is supported by CivCity Rome. You could try running the game on lowest graphics settings to save memory, but you may well run into problems.
If you are unsure how much memory is in your PC click on ‘Start’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘System’ and the ‘General tab’. The bottom section ‘computer’ will say how much RAM you have.

Q. My game will not run.
A. Ensure you have the latest version of DirectX installed on your machine. This is available from the CivCity Rome CD2/DVD, DirectX folder and run the DxSetup program.
You can check which version you are running by clicking on the’ Start’ button in Windows and then selecting ‘Run’ and typing dxdiag. You need DirectX 9.0c to play CivCity Rome.

Q. Will CivCity Rome run on Windows 98 or Windows ME?
A. No, the earliest operating system CivCity Rome will run on is Windows 2000.

Q. After inserting the CD/DVD and clicking play CivCity Rome refuses to run.
A. The Securom copy protection system detects certain programs are running in the background. You will have to either disable or uninstall them. Below is a list of programs which may cause problems (this is not guaranteed) :
Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite, Daemon Tools, Game-Jack, CloneCD, Game Jackal, Xoom Game Clone, CDSpace, Virtual CD
Fantom CD, Anti-Blaxx, GetRight <A fix may have been released for this>, Virtual Drives.

Q. I’m having problems uninstalling CivCity Rome is there anything I can do?
A. The information below could causes problems, please be very careful when following the instructions:

1). Click on the start button then accessories and then load Windows explorer. Now select your C: drive, click on the ‘tools’ menu and select ‘folder options’, ‘View’, ‘Hidden Files and Folders’ and finally, ‘Show hidden files and folders’.
2). Click on the Program Files folder and locate the ‘Installshield Installation Information’ folder, within this folder you will find another named {994E24A6-EC47-4201-8D0B-D4563B7AD66B}. Please delete this folder.
3). Using Windows explorer click on the C: drive and click on the ‘Program Files’ folder and locate the ‘Firefly Studios’ folder, within this folder you will find another named ‘CivCity Rome. Please delete this folder.
4). Run the game using the setup.exe located on your CD1/DVD and the installation should run as normal.

Q. When I try to run CivCity Rome, I see the error message d3dx9_27.dll is missing.
A. This file should be installed when you install the game. If not you can try installing DirectX manually by opening CD2/DVD open then ‘DirectX’ and run ‘DxSetup’.

Section 5 – CivCity Rome v1.1 New Features
Undo Feature: If you delete a building, instead of it being removed immediately, you will have 3 seconds to right click and stop the action.  This is a stackable action in that you can select multiple buildings to be deleted.  If you right click while the timer is active, this will only clear the timer and leave you in delete mode.  Right clicking once more will clear the shovel cursor as normal.  The selection of buildings is on a toggle basis.  If you accidentally highlight a building in a large group deletion, all you have to do it click on the building again to deselect it.  The timer will reset each time you click a building.  If you don’t want to wait for the timer, simply hold shift when deleting buildings and they will be removed as normal you can also double click on a building to perform the same action.
Camera: You can unlock the camera by clicking on the small icon on the bottom left of the mini map.  This allows you to zoom out further (you may notice a slow down on slower machines) and zoom in further.  Click on this icon again to return to the original camera.  If you wish to change the angle of the unlocked camera you can, within settings select free camera angle: low, medium, high
Auto Save: You can setup the amount of times the game will save every game year.  This can be set up within the settings menu.
Shortcuts keys added:
1. Roads
2. Shack
3. Well
4. Butcher
5. Weaver
6. Warehouse
7. Granary
8. Watch tower
9. Fire tower
0. Delete
Mouse Sensitivity: Mouse speed slider has been added to settings menu.
The water system in the game has changed; shacks no longer need to use a well if a cistern is placed.
User can now set what food gets used for rations. This can be done by un-checking the tick above the food in the granary menu.
Resolution 1600x1200 is now supported.
Every wonder will be built in 4 separate stages.  Each time 25% of the resource is collected, the wonder will rise out of the ground 25%
Kids Mode: This is a fourth difficulty button that shows up left side of the easy button.  In kids mode the bonus for city foundation is +25 regardless of the population. Changed loan system so if they run out of loans, they don’t lose. It keeps giving you a loan of 10,000. Regardless if there is a loan set for that mission or not.
Trade Ships and trade mules now show icon for which type of good they are carrying.
Move and attack cursor now appear when ordering military units to attack in the empire.
Changed the legion info on the region map (when you click on a legion) from Prima, secundi etc to centurian, legionaries, velites
Smaller upgrade arrows for auto-upgrade houses.
Houses now have an external indicator showing that it is downgrading.
User is now warned when overwriting save games, exiting a map and exiting the game.
Lions now have background images behind their health bars.
Rioters now have health bars.
Graphs are added for finance report screens.
Map editor now has delete map function.
Tool tips for sections in the map editor have been added.
Cleanliness of streets meter now reads like all other meters.
Resources can be adjusted from the Categories.csv for buildings. If you edit this make sure you backup your original file.  Editing this file may make some missions in the campaign unbalanced.
Resources required now show in the build menu.

Section 6 - CivCity Rome v1.1 Bug Fixes

• Fixed mouse pointer issue in resolutions 1024x768 and above.
• Fixed boatyard issue when it would occasionally stop working.
• Fixed black lines appearing in the Empire map in resolutions 1280x1024 and above.
• Users can no longer upgrade a large Hovel and place it inside an insula.
• Fixed issues with no build zone around fishing jetty.
• All building’s chairs will highlight red when there is no employment at that building.
• Workers no longer stand up and sit down when they have changed job.
• Fixed wood camp issue when it would occasionally stop working.
• Videos now play at their normal speed.
• Transport jetty’s breaking down now fixed.
• Fixed issue with children not going to Grammaticus.
• 'R' and 'F' buttons no longer scroll up/down while typing in save game name.
• Fixed issue with olive farm sometimes not taking excess food to granary.
• Fixed issue when scrolling around the empire map in resolutions 1024x768 and above.
• Fixed issue when loading a save game then entering the map editor the empire map is the one from the save game.
• Overall game performance improved.
• Fixed issue with reloading saves multiple times slowing the game down.
• Fixed issue when citizens occasionally get stuck if a warehouse was deleted before they were able to deliver goods.
• Fixed issue with environmental sounds.
• Mission briefing screen now states ‘Return to game’ when accessed from within game.
• Finances screen small text issue resolved; also when a loss occurs it says ‘net loss’.
• Within the reports screen the house type is now sorted by the stature.
• The graphics panel remembers bump mapping being selected.
• Pressing Escape when on the In Game Menu returns to the game.
• Fixed issue when exiting the map editor then entering the Civpedia.
• The range of the stone and wood camps has been increased before the “too far from…” warning is played.
• Fixed issue with advisor saying same the thing twice when first house upgrades.
• Advisor speech telling you a citizen has left the city now only plays when an employed citizen leaves and not when a vagrant leaves.
• Fixed a few issues with research.
• Fixed issue with the warehouse mule losing its wheelbarrow when delivering goods to another warehouse.
• Fixed the crash when the quake trigger is activated in the map editor.
• Great Lighthouse fire now only shows once building is complete.
• Auto save of a completed location is now properly named.
• Fixed the crash when fire extends off the edge of a created map.
• Citizen’s shadows now appear on the road.
• Fixed issue with the player being unable to access building menus when a citizen is selected..
• Fixed issue with the chariot trainer.
• Fixed issue with wonder engineers freezing while on a break.
• Boatyards can no longer be built into cliffs.
• Fixed issue when a piazza burns down musicians will stop performing.
• Fixed issue with the housing chart scroll button.
• Clicking anywhere while watching credits no longer closes credits.
• Citizens now correctly choose their closest warehouse.
• Fixed a crash fixed involving military units attacking.
• Fixed issues with troops not returning to a fort.
• Lions no longer speed up when on roads
• Alpha on sailing ship is now working.
• Bridges should now highlight red when hovering over them for deletion.
• Trade market and trade dock will no longer go to collect goods if all warehouses are full.
• Watchtowers are now more effective against lions
• Buildings no longer highlight while placing roads.
• Fixed issues with animals disappearing in the coliseum from certain angles.
• Fixed issue allowing players to skip levels.
• Fixed issue with wall graphics disappearing when objects placed next to a diagonal wall.
• Civilization meter no longer extended above the bar.
• Fixed issue when more than three win conditions show up in briefing screen.
• You can no longer build boatyards on top of trees.
• Issues with the trade dock fixed.
• Text issue with briefing in map edge of the world.
• Fixed issue when roofs on buildings would occasionally stay open after zooming fully out.
• Fixed issue with the months of food left on granary panel.
• Fixed text issues in report screen.
• When clicking on the red arrow in the UI now displays the Red arrow instead of the green.
• Fixed issue with trade workers green symbol being left behind on map.
• Fixed issue with the radius for selecting the goose farm.
• Map Editor – Fixed issue with a created map not showing in save menu.
• Map Editor - Marble adjusts properly to terrain changes.
• Map Editor - When water is erased, fish will also be deleted and not left in the ground.
• Map Editor – Fixed issue with debates not registering when set at a win condition on a player created map.
• Map editor - Selecting tint twice no longer places black unusable tiles.
• Map Editor - Playing a create map then quitting with building selected no longer makes buildings appear in map editor.
• When an army loses troops the legion amounts are now shown correctly on the empire map and fort menu
• Troops no longer jump back into position when continually telling them to leave the fort.
• Enemy invasions should no longer halt and flicker on there way to your city.
• City gates now functioning correctly.
• Javelin changing model when thrown has now been fixed.
• Troops return to the correct beds when they have been sent back to the fort
• Enemies no longer hang when attacking buildings.  They will now return to their idle animation.
• Fixed issue with enemies occasionally losing their weapons.
• There are now separate carts at the trade dock
• Citizens no longer destroy bushes and flowers when the walk over them.
• Wood cutters now have axe in hand while chopping down trees.
• Fixed text issues in Civpedia.
• Fixed issues with animation on trade dock crane.
• Fixed issues with animation on bridge.
• If the user has placed a trade dock while a trade ship is being built they will no longer be instructed to build a boat yard.
• Wonder buildings, when being built, will now update their bounding box as they rise out of the ground to eliminate the selection issues.
• Buildings now update to correct land height when placed.
• Aqueduct canals now highlight red when the corresponding towers they are connected to are highlighted for deletion.

Thank you for purchasing CivCity Rome. Our aim as a developer is to create the best Roman city building experience possible and we hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Firefly Studios

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